The Haunted - rEVOLVEr - Smut King Lyrics

Ravaged. Scarred.
Book me in. Imperial suite.
Twenty hours, hell no! Make it a week.

A fashion depravation.
A skin-flick fantasy.
The anesthesia won't help you now.

Slip it in.

Lashmarks. Cigarette burns.
Cum stains. Lipstick traces.
Rehab. Therapy.
I collapse. Breakdown.
Sex drive. Transform.

Slip it in.

Now dig this - Supply ME!
A mouthful of absolutely NOTHING!
Now understand - I owe you nothing.

a tremble.
beads of sweat
wash it off
burrrn the evidence
what goes around, comes around
it's in the works...
a cellular collapse
burning human antidote
condone it
promote self-extinction
shot. ripped. fucked.