The Haunted - rEVOLVEr - Who Will Decide Lyrics

Don't hold your breath for a new revolution.
The future is wasted on petty fraud.
A Grade A average with perfect skin
fight for a freedom to choose - between shit and more shit.

Truth - To what use?
Trust - Whom to?
Within these confinements, a word will spread like fire!

So stand your ground! - Choose your direction!
Who will decide?
Facing the facts! - They lie!
Who will decide?
These are the victims! - These are the crimes!
Who will decide?
If you give up the fight...
Who will decide?

Exploit! Suck out the marrow - Suck out the bones.
Drain it! - A negative image.
Roots upturned - A palace of mirrors.

Repeat chorus

Social movement my ass! Most of us can barely read
and the rest all believe in the gospel of corporate truth.
Skewered and screened infotainment to uphold
and magnify the frail myth of modern democracy.
We all know the construction and why it prevails...

Repeat chorus